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Origin Intelligence Size
Keeshond Netherlands, Germany Excellent Intelligence Small
Affenpinscher Germany, France Above Average Small
Pomeranian Germany, Poland Excellent Intelligence Small
French Bulldog England, France Fair Small
Danish-Swedish Farmdog Denmark, Sweden No Data Small
Papillon Spain, Belgium Most Intelligent Small
Cesky Terrier Czech Republic No Data Small
Toy Manchester Terrier England, U.S. No Data Small
Dutch Smoushond Netherlands No Data Small
Coton de Tulear Madagascar No Data Small
Australian Terrier Australia Above Average Small
Karst Shepherd Slovenia No Data Small
Shetland Sheepdog Scotland Most Intelligent Small
Cairn Terrier Scotland Above Average Small
Scottish Terrier Scotland Fair Small
Skye Terrier Scotland No Data Small
West Highland White Terrier Scotland Average Small
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Scotland Fair Small
Schipperke Belgium Excellent Intelligence Small
Miniature Pinscher Germany Above Average Small
Yorkshire Terrier England Above Average Small
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel England Average Small
Sussex Spaniel England No Data Small
Lancashire Heeler England No Data Small
American Eskimo Dog Germany No Data Small
Dachshund Germany Average Small
Beagle England Low Small
Miniature Schnauzer Germany Excellent Intelligence Small
Lakeland Terrier England Fair Small
Manchester Terrier England Above Average Small
Jagdterrier Germany No Data Small
Irish Terrier Ireland Average Small
Glen of Imaal Terrier Ireland No Data Small
Parson Russell Terrier England No Data Small
Jack Russell Terrier England No Data Small
Miniature Bull Terrier England No Data Small
Patterdale Terrier England No Data Small
Chihuahua Mexico Fair Small
Russian Toy Russia No Data Small
Swedish Vallhund Sweden No Data Small
Norwegian Lundehund Norway No Data Small
Basset Bleu de Gascogne France No Data Small
Basset Fauve de Bretagne France No Data Small
Drever Sweden No Data Small
Brazilian Terrier Brazil No Data Small
Alopekis Greece No Data Small
Russian Spaniel Russia No Data Small
Maltese Italy No Data Small
Shih Tzu China Low Small
Lhasa Apso Tibet Fair Small
Tibetan Spaniel Tibet Average Small
Japanese Chin Japan Fair Small
Pekingese China Low Small
Pug China Fair Small
Italian Greyhound Italy Fair Small
Volpino Italiano Italy No Data Small
Japanese Spitz Japan No Data Small
Welsh Terrier Wales Average Small
Sealyham Terrier Wales Fair Small
Japanese Terrier Japan No Data Small
Miniature Shar Pei China No Data Small
Havanese Cuba No Data Small
Boston Terrier U.S. Average Small
Bedlington Terrier U.K. Average Small
Border Terrier U.K. Above Average Small
Norwich Terrier U.K. Above Average Small
Norfolk Terrier U.K. Fair Small
American Hairless Terrier U.S. No Data Small
Rat Terrier U.S. No Data Small
Toy Fox Terrier U.S. No Data Small
Plummer Terrier U.K. No Data Small
Kyi-Leo U.S. No Data Small

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