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Origin Intelligence Size
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Netherlands, France Average Medium
Affenpinscher Germany, France Above Average Small
Poodle Germany, France Most Intelligent Medium
Bichon Frisé Spain, Belgium Average Unknown
Cesky Terrier Czech Republic No Data Small
Afghan Hound Afghanistan Low Large
Coton de Tulear Madagascar No Data Small
Australian Terrier Australia Above Average Small
Australian Silky Terrier Australia Above Average Unknown
Portuguese Water Dog Portugal No Data Medium
Cairn Terrier Scotland Above Average Small
Scottish Terrier Scotland Fair Small
West Highland White Terrier Scotland Average Small
Yorkshire Terrier England Above Average Small
Giant Schnauzer Germany Above Average Giant
Standard Schnauzer Germany No Data Medium
Irish Water Spaniel Ireland Excellent Intelligence Medium
Puli Hungary Above Average Medium
Kerry Blue Terrier Ireland Above Average Medium
Airedale Terrier England Above Average Medium
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Ireland Average Unknown
Lakeland Terrier England Fair Small
Irish Terrier Ireland Average Small
Barbet France No Data Medium
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Poland No Data Medium
Samoyed Russia Above Average Medium
Maltese Italy No Data Small
Bolognese Italy No Data Unknown
Chinese Crested Dog China Fair Unknown
Shih Tzu China Low Small
Tibetan Terrier Tibet Fair Medium
Italian Greyhound Italy Fair Small
Lagotto Romagnolo Italy No Data Medium
Bergamasco Shepherd Italy No Data Unknown
Spanish Water Dog Spain No Data Medium
Welsh Terrier Wales Average Small
Sealyham Terrier Wales Fair Small
Havanese Cuba No Data Small
Mountain Cur U.S. No Data Large
Peruvian Hairless Dog Peru No Data Unknown
Bedlington Terrier U.K. Average Small
Border Terrier U.K. Above Average Small
Norwich Terrier U.K. Above Average Small
American Hairless Terrier U.S. No Data Small
Kyi-Leo U.S. No Data Small

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